What's on the menu?

This Weeks Special!

Pick-up/Delivery available

  • Chicken Teriyaki w/chard, roasted peppers, macaroni salad and red roasted potatoes. $14 for pickup,$20 for delivery.

  • Braised Short Rib with Mashed Potatoes, served with Roasted Veggies, Cilantro and Lime wedge. $17 for pickup, $23 for delivery.

  • Lemon Asparagus Chicken Pasta over Linguine with parmesan Cheese. $15 for pickup, $21 for delivery.

  • Spiced Salmon Kebabs w / Butter rice and Broccoli Rabe. $17 for pickup, $23 for delivery.

  • Seared Cod w/Mediterranean sauce, green beans and sweet potatoes. $16 for pickup, $22 for delivery

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